A Hernia Repair is the Right Way to Treat Hernia Pain

Living with a hernia can be incredibly inconvenient, making it important to schedule a hernia repair as quickly as possible. Anyone who is debating having the procedure done should consider these facts.

An untreated hernia can get worse

Anyone who is suffering from a hernia and living in pain should know that it could get worse if left untreated. It is possible for some of the intestines to become trapped in the abdominal wall. This can then hinder blood flow. If not enough blood gets to the area, it can cause part of the intestine to become infected or even die. This is a risk and one that we suggest patients do not take. Since it is possible to repair a hernia, this is a far better option.

A hernia repair is a fairly standard procedure

This is a common health problem, especially among athletes and those who are highly active at work, like to exercise, run, etc. We complete the repair on a regular basis and find that patients are pleased by how much better they feel afterwards.

Hernia surgery can be performed laparoscopically

The benefit of laparoscopic surgery is that a patient is not fully cut open. Instead, tiny incisions are made, and surgical instruments are inserted through those incisions. By placing a camera inside the body, a surgeon can see what they are operating on by looking at a screen projecting real-time images. The surgeon can then perform the surgical tools and make any necessary repairs.

Laparoscopic surgery is fast

In most cases, it only takes up to 45 minutes to complete the procedure. Patients will then rest and can usually go home the same day. So, patients who have limited vacation days can generally plan to take only a couple days off work to have the procedure. Naturally, anyone who does any manual activity at work will need to take additional time off. However, office workers find they can return to work fairly quickly.

Recovery is fast after laparoscopic surgery

When a hernia repair is completed laparoscopically, it usually only takes one or two weeks to recover. This is pretty incredible and makes it possible for patients to walk around and return to their normal routine. Though patients should wait for a month to begin any serious exercise, this surgery allows our patients to return to normal life without much delay.

Keep in mind that surgery is the only option

If someone needs a hernia repair, the only choice is to have surgery. The only question is when to have the surgery and what type of surgery a patient should have.

Patients who are not suffering pain can choose to delay the surgery. However, anyone who feels that they are suffering or that the pain is becoming worse should schedule surgery right away.

When it comes to choosing between open surgery or laparoscopic surgery, we recommend that laparoscopic surgery is used whenever possible. The recovery time is shorter, and so is the trauma to the body, because of this aspect, it just makes sense to pursue this option.

Find out what the process would look like for you

Anyone who has a hernia and would like to learn more about the options to repair it should schedule an appointment with our office.

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