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If you are in need of hernia repair visit General & Laparoscopic Surgeons of New York LLP. We use minimally invasive methods that can help you to recover faster while receiving the urgent medical care required to improve your overall health.You can develop a hernia when one of your organs or tissues protrudes through an opening. For example, your intestine may fall through your rectum. One of your organs may even try to push through your navel.

Any place that you have a scar is also an area where you may develop a hernia over time. There is no clear way to protect yourself from getting a hernia. However, you can do things like avoid straining a muscle since this can lead to an increased risk for one. However, since hernias are often present when a baby is born, there may be no way to avoid getting one. This means that it is important for you to have options available should one develop, and we encourage you to visit us so we can treat your hernia in a minimally invasive way.

What You Should Know About Hernia Repair

When visiting our clinic for hernia repair, patients can expect the procedure to take under an hour and can go home the same day. This is to the patient's benefit because it means they will not be spending a long time in the hospital nor will they have the risk that comes with traditional surgery. Risks of surgery can include scarring or prolonged recovery times. This is opposed to people who have their hernias treated using invasive surgical means.

If for example, the patient was to visit a surgeon and treat a prolapsing intestine through traditional methods, it is likely that a large incision will be necessary to open the abdomen and access the intestine. The patient needs to be under anesthesia during the procedure and may be in the hospital for several days while recovering. Additionally, the risk of developing scar tissue is high and the patient may require subsequent procedures in order to address the scars.

None of this is present when the patient visits our clinic because we do not need to make a large incision in order to access a hernia. Instead, we can address it rather quickly and without causing the body any additional trauma.

Visit Us for Hernia Repair

When someone tells a patient that he or she can only receive surgery for a hernia repair, we encourage the patient to call us at (212) 548-3267 and schedule an appointment with our office. We offer a minimally invasive surgery that can allow the patient to receive the same benefits as traditional surgery without the risk or complications. This makes it wise for patients to explore all options, even if a primary doctor recommends traditional surgery.

After all, it is your health and you are the only one that can make the important decisions required for it. Instead of simply working with the first surgeon that you speak with, take the time to get a second opinion and to learn about minimally-invasive options. Due to the many benefits, we are confident that you will be happy you did.

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