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Sports Hernia is an injury characterized by pain in the groin, lower abdomen, and sometimes, the inner thigh, or “adductor region.” It usually exists in athletes, but this is not always the case, and although more common in males, sports hernias occur in females as well. The age range for a sports hernia is variable, but usually presents in people during high school or college, with a high frequency of professional athletes presenting during their sports careers. There is no age limit to a sports hernia, however.

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The pain people experience can begin with a traumatic event which can be pinpointed as the exact moment the injury occurred, but in fact, this is usually the minority of cases; most patients do not have a specific injury point, and the syndrome appears and worsens over time.

Patients usually experience worsening discomfort while performing the activity, or significant pain the next day. Severity of the problem is variable.

Commonly, the patient will have seen multiple specialists including orthopedic and general surgeons, as well as physical therapists. Sports Hernia patients are best taken care of by Surgeons who are highly experienced in this field. If the injury has recently occurred, treatment is initially non-operative, and rest is an important initial strategy. However, after a targeted work-up and appropriate attempts at waiting for the acute injury to resolve, surgery is sometimes the best next step.