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The abdominal cavity contains vital organs that need protection to function properly. The abdominal wall is a complex network of muscle groups, fat layers and connective tissue that protect and stabilize the abdominal cavity. When there is damage to the abdominal wall due to congenital defects, hernias, surgery or injury, it may require repair to protect the abdominal organs. Our surgical specialists at Core Surgical offer abdominal wall reconstruction surgery for patients at our medical center in NYC.

One of the most common reasons for abdominal wall reconstruction surgery is hernias. In some cases, hernia repairs are not sufficient to stabilize and strengthen the abdominal wall. Some types of hernias are very complex, and traditional repairs may not effectively fix the problem. Abdominal wall reconstruction surgery is recommended for healthy individuals who have reoccurring hernias, wounds developed from a hernia repair or other hernia repair complications.

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Specialists

Abdominal wall reconstruction surgery is a very complex surgery, due to the various components involved. The abdominal wall is made from layers of muscle, fascia and fat that need to be repaired and reconstructed to create a strong, protective barrier. Our abdominal surgery specialists have decades of clinical and surgical experience performing advanced procedures with documented success. If you are considering abdominal wall reconstruction surgery, it is crucial to choose a highly experienced abdominal surgeon to perform your procedure, like our esteemed surgeons at Core Surgical.

Ongoing or complex hernias can be painful and put your health or life at risk. If you want to explore the possibility of abdominal wall reconstruction surgery, contact our team at Core Surgical. Call our clinic in Midtown Manhattan to schedule a consultation with one of our hernia and abdominal surgical specialists to discuss your treatment options.

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