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Finding out you need surgery for treatment of an abdominal condition, like a hernia or groin injury, can be overwhelming. At Core Surgical, we specialize in surgical treatment for complex groin and pelvic conditions, and we understand the concerns our patients face. Our surgical specialists have decades of experience and expertise in performing complex laparoscopic and general surgeries. We offer exceptional medical care for surgical patients at our state-of-the-art surgical center in Midtown Manhattan.

We offer a variety of surgical treatment options for health issues. It is important to note that we will examine the patient’s health history and current condition in order to determine if surgery is the best option for treatment. It is understandable for patients to have fears about surgery and what can happen during the recovery. Fortunately, at Core Surgical, we have a team of specialist surgeons who can effectively treat a variety of health issues with exceptional results and reduced risks during recovery.

Advanced Options in Hernia, Groin and Abdominal Surgery

While any surgery can be complex, we specialize in general, laparoscopic, minimally invasive, colon, stomach, spleen, gallbladder, liver surgery and more that tend to be very specialized operations. Between the skill, knowledge and experience of our surgeons, we can offer professional and specialized treatment in these surgical procedures that other medical practices cannot. We recommend that people select our practice to treat these issues. We have an intricate understanding of these complex conditions and are familiar with the specific surgical procedure required. Our abdominal, hernia and groin surgery options include:

If you are facing surgery for a complex hernia or groin injury, contact us at Core Surgical today to schedule a consultation with one of our surgical specialists. We offer advanced laparoscopic and general surgery for patients at our surgical center in New York City.

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