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Could You Suffer from an Occult Hernia? New York, NY

Could You Suffer from an Occult Hernia?

athletic woman stomach ache caused by hernia

Any time you experience ongoing pain in your groin or pelvic area, it is cause for concern. More intense than the occasional stomach ache, this pain is recurring and sometimes sharp, especially when standing or using the abdominal muscles. Pain in this area of the body can be caused by numerous issues or problems, so… Read More


young, athletic woman in white underwear keeps her hands on her stomach

There are a variety of reasons why the abdominal wall may lose function. Childbirth with its resultant stretching and changing of the structure of the muscles and fascia is the most common reason in females. Other reasons in all populations include obesity and weight loss (from surgery or otherwise), prior abdominal surgery, and prior trauma.… Read More

3 things to make you live longer – you never would have guessed.

happy woman laughs

Most things which help longevity are obvious and have been known for a long time. A smart sensible diet, moderation, good genetics, positive attitude are all components of promoting a long life. Obvious, right? But there are some things you may never have logically surmised. The first is caring for others. Recent studies point to… Read More

5 important foods after surgery

healthy eating

Although all surgeries are different and all patients unique, there are common components to every operation. For example, in all procedures, there is some degree of tissue disruption and a subsequent healing process. The healing process is greater in larger procedures, and smaller in lesser, more minimally invasive ones. But in all, there is a… Read More

The best decision a parent can make for their child-athlete

the boys are exercising

Having your child take part in athletics is important. We’ve all heard about the health, psychological, and social benefits. As a surgeon who takes care of a good many teens with sports injuries, I have an insight into one aspect of the young athlete and it is advice I dispense frequently: Have your child play… Read More

Good Pain vs. Bad Pain

man squats holding on to the ankle, ankle pain, runner

My brother told me a while back that he is doing some kind of training regimen. You’ve all heard of the latest crazes–perhaps you are doing one or several of them yourselves. He wanted to know if the pain that he was feeling in his elbow was okay. After berating him for doing this type… Read More

Graded Body Rotation

football players

Perhaps, if you are a football fan, you have recently seen Aaron Rodgers throw the football in some of the most exciting games of the season. What you may have noticed is that he is, indeed, quite spectacular. One reason, many have stated, is that he throws the ball with extreme power and accuracy. This,… Read More

Kids and Sports; Some Thoughts

happy kids

I always watch my kids playing organized sports with a mix of fascination, pride and, well, horror. Like all parents, I am fascinated by how good some of the kids are, and certainly I am proud of my own kids (I am a parent after all). But as a surgeon with a specialty in sports… Read More

On Preventing Sports Hernias

soccer player

A patient of mine recently pointed out an article by Mike Cantrell: The Soccer Players’ Tug of War: A Simple Understanding of Athletic Pubalgia and Sports Hernias. I read the article and two thoughts followed. First, great understanding of the structures and the dynamic opposition which occurs. Second, the point of prevention of the injury… Read More

How Important is a Physical Therapy Protocol after Athletic Pubalgia Surgery?

the woman stretches before doing sports

Originally, when we started focusing on the Athletic Pubalgia/Sports Hernia injury, we were not certain how important a Physical Therapy protocol was in the post op period. Our feeling was that although it couldn’t hurt, it was unclear as to the benefit. As the years have gone by, this thought process has changed. A Physical… Read More

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