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Groin and pelvic conditions range in magnitude and can become very painful and impact an individual’s quality of life. Unfortunately, it is common for pelvic or groin problems to be misdiagnosed, as multiple factors can contribute to symptoms. At Core Surgical in NYC, our groin and pelvic pain relief doctors offer advanced methods for diagnosis and treatment. We specialize in the painful conditions we treat to give our patients exceptional, personalized care that helps improve their health and well-being.

Our team of board certified physicians offer a unique perspective into painful groin and pelvic conditions. Dr. Mark Zoland and Dr. Joseph Iraci both have extensive training and education, as well as decades of clinical and surgical experience working with groin and pelvic conditions. We utilize the most advanced medical technology to identify the source of pain and compile a customized treatment plan for the patient. These treatments can include interventional medicine, conservative treatments or more aggressive options, like surgery.

Groin and Pelvic Pain Conditions

Groin and pelvic conditions are experienced by both genders and in all age groups. While men and women may have gender-specific groin or pelvic conditions, there are many painful issues, like hernias, that impact both. Our specialists have the experience and expertise to accurately diagnose and recommend the best treatment for all types of groin and pelvic pain conditions, including the following categories:

Muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, bones and reproductive organs all coincide in the pelvic and groin region. An injury or damage to one component can impact other elements in this intricate area, causing pain, sexual dysfunction, urinary problems, bowel issues and much more. Our specialists offer a unique perspective to help diagnose these complex groin and pelvic pain conditions and provide treatment and relief for our patients.

If you suffer from a painful groin or pelvic condition, contact us at Core Surgical in Midtown Manhattan to schedule your appointment for an initial exam and consultation.

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