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A sports hernia, or athletic pubalgia, is a groin injury. While a sports hernia is not an actual hernia, this is the term most commonly used to describe groin strains. Some sports hernia injuries can be treated with non-surgical methods, including rest and physical therapy. However, more severe athletic pubalgia injuries may require surgical repairs. Our experienced, board certified physicians at Core Surgical offer sports hernia surgery at our medical center in New York City.

Groin Injury and Athletic Pubgalia Surgery

What is the difference between a hernia and a sports hernia, or athletic pubalgia? A hernia is an opening in the abdominal wall; a sports hernia is not an opening, but rather a deterioration or tear of the attachments from the pubic structures. While sports hernias are common among athletes, anyone can have a groin injury. If the groin injury is severe, it can require surgery to repair the damaged muscle, tendon, ligament or tissues.

Sports hernia surgery includes a wide variety of groin injuries and surgical repairs. The type of surgery required depends on the tissues damaged or injured. Our top New York sports hernia specialists at Core Surgical have performed countless groin injury repairs on professional athletes, amateur athletes and non-athletes. Some of the types of sports hernia surgeries we can perform include:

  • Adductor Lengthening Surgery
  • Direct Hernia Surgery
  • Gilmore’s Groin Surgery
  • Groin Disruption Surgery
  • Inguinal Floor Surgery
  • Inguinal Ligament Surgery
  • Rectus Aponeurotic Plate Surgery
  • Rectus Tendon Surgery
  • Sportsman’s Groin Surgery

Sports hernias and groin injuries can be extremely painful and sideline your performance. If you have a severe groin injury and want the best medical treatment for recovery, contact us at Core Surgical. We have top New York sports hernia doctors and surgeons that can perform all types of sports hernia surgery at our medical center in Midtown Manhattan.

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