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Athletic woman caught by pain in abdomen while running.

Injuries to the soft tissues in the groin can cause athletic pubalgia, a strain or sprain of groin tissues. This injury is often referred to as a sports hernia, although it is not a true hernia (an opening in the abdominal muscles). Our team of pelvic and groin specialists at Core Surgical offer advanced sports hernia, or athletic pubalgia, treatment at our medical center in New York City.

A sports hernia can occur in athletes who overexert themselves during a game, but this injury can occur during other activities as well. While a major sports injury can cause the hernia, there are situations in which patients are not sure of an exact moment the sports hernia began. A sports hernia patient will have pain in the groin, lower abdomen and the inner thigh, which is also known as the adductor region.

Without treatment, the pain will only get worse over time. While surgery is often the necessary treatment, patients can benefit from seeking treatment from a surgeon specializing in laparoscopic surgery. The type of surgery will depend on how long the patient has the hernia before seeking treatment. It is important for a patient to see a groin or hernia specialist since general doctors may misdiagnose the hernia.

Causes of Sports Hernias

Sports hernia is an injury characterized by pain in the groin, lower abdomen and sometimes, the inner thigh, or “adductor region.” It usually exists in athletes, but this is not always the case. Although more common in males, sports hernias occur in females as well. The age range for a sports hernia varies, but it usually presents in people during high school or college, with a high frequency of professional athletes affected during their sports careers. There is no age limit to a sports hernia, however, and the injury can also occur in non-athletes.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Athletic Pubalgia

Sports hernias are commonly misdiagnosed, and there are few physicians or surgeons that offer treatment for athletic pubalgia. Our team at Core Surgical is among a small group of specialists that offer advanced athletic pubalgia diagnosis and treatment. About 50% of patients with athletic pubalgia can recover from this injury with non-surgical treatment. When conservative treatments are ineffective, sports hernia surgery may be required. The surgery type depends on the location of the sports hernia and what tissues are injured. Our sports hernia surgery options include:

  • Adductor Lengthening Surgery
  • Direct Hernia Surgery
  • Gilmore’s Groin Surgery
  • Groin Disruption Surgery
  • Inguinal Floor Surgery
  • Inguinal Ligament Surgery
  • Rectus Aponeurotic Plate Surgery
  • Rectus Tendon Surgery
  • Sportsman’s Groin Surgery

If you have suffered a possible sports hernia, or athletic pubalgia injury, contact us at Core Surgical. We are one of the top sports hernia treatment specialists in New York. Call our clinic to schedule your consultation.

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