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An athletic woman with lumbar pain caused by hernia.

The area between the bottom rib and the hip bone in the lower back is called the lumbar triangle, with one on each side. This area in the back of the abdominal cavity can be susceptible to hernias, albeit rare. A lumbar hernia can occur in the lumbar triangle in the lower back, presenting on the side of the abdomen. At Core Surgical, hernia specialists offer lumbar hernia treatment at our medical center in NYC.

Causes and Symptoms of Lumbar Hernias

Lumbar or flank hernias can be caused by weakness in the abdominal wall combined with straining and excess weight, similar to other hernias. However, it is common for lumbar hernias to be caused by trauma to the side or back of the abdominal wall. Older individuals over 50 years of age and men are at the highest risk for lumbar hernias.

The symptoms of a lumbar hernia can be misdiagnosed as lumbar back problems. They can mimic common lower back pain as the hernia may press against the sciatic nerve or other nerves in the lower back. The typical symptoms include:

  • Lower back pain – increased pain with coughing or straining
  • Weakness or numbness in one leg or foot
  • Shooting pain down one side of the buttock into the leg
  • A tender bulge
  • Abdominal cramps

Lumbar hernias do not always require treatment if the symptoms are mild. The hernia should be monitored to ensure it does not become incarcerated or become at risk for strangulation. If the lumbar hernia is painful or at risk for strangulation, surgery may be needed for repair.

If you have symptoms of a lumbar hernia and desire to explore treatment options, contact us at Core Surgical. We are hernia specialists who can perform advanced lumbar hernia treatment and repair surgery at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.

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