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Occult Hernia (Hidden Hernia) New York, NY

If you suffer from unexplained groin pain or recurring pain in the pelvic area, such an issue warrants an examination. This could be caused by a number of medical conditions or problems, one of which is called an occult hernia or hidden hernia. The hernia specialists at Core Surgical in New York, New York, offer experienced diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment options when you suffer unexplained groin or pelvic pain. They can discover the presence of an occult hernia that may defy a routine physical examination.

What Is an Occult Hernia?

An inguinal hernia is the protrusion of a loop or other portion of the intestine through a weakened area in the abdominal wall. This is typically caused by increased intra-abdominal pressure from straining or excessive weight. An occult hernia or hidden hernia, also commonly referred to as an occult inguinal hernia, is an undetectable mass of herniated tissue. It is usually impossible to discover through a physical examination or even with an ultrasound.

These occult hernias are often large enough to present with significant groin or pelvic pain but are small enough to defy an easy diagnosis. Because groin or pelvic pain can also present with several other conditions or problems, it is essential for medical professionals to perform a thorough examination that includes various testing methods to identify an occult inguinal hernia.

Accurate Diagnosis & Treatment for Occult Hernias in NY

The knowledgeable and experienced board-certified surgical specialists at Core Surgical use every advanced imaging tool at their disposal to aid in the diagnosis of occult or hidden hernias. This can include ultrasound, CT scans and MRI imaging technology. In some cases, an occult hernia can only be positively identified through a laparoscopic procedure, which can then be used to correct it.

When you have persistent and unexplained groin or pelvic pain in New York, trust your diagnosis and treatment to the experts at Core Surgical. We are hernia specialists and have the tools and knowledge necessary to locate and relieve occult inguinal hernias at our clinic on East 58th Street in Midtown Manhattan. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for you or a family member.

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