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An athletic woman with pain in the side of stomach caused by hernia.

The spigelian fascia is connective tissue that separates two groups of abdominal muscles, the lateral obliques and the rectus muscles on either side below the belly button. A spigelian hernia occurs in this space, allowing abdominal tissue to bulge between the muscle groups. Our team of hernia specialists at Core Surgical offers spigelian hernia treatment and laparoscopic repair surgery at our medical center in NYC.

Causes and Symptoms of Spigelian Hernia

Spigelian hernias are more common in men and women over the age of 40, but they can occur at any age. The hernia is a result of weakened muscles in the abdomen, allowing tissue or bowels to protrude through the separation of the two muscle groups. Obesity or pregnancy can stretch or weaken the abdominal wall muscles, increasing the risk of a spigelian hernia. Weakness can be caused by a congenital issue or it can also be caused by trauma or an injury in the area, including chronic or severe coughing.

Spigelian hernia symptoms can include a soft bulge that occurs on the lower left or right side of the belly button. The hernia may cause pain, especially when coughing or straining. Spigelian hernias are at higher risk for creating an incarcerated or strangulated hernia, which traps a portion of the bowel. Due to this higher risk, most spigelian hernias require surgical repair to prevent possible incarceration or strangulation, which can cause serious health complications or death.

If you have symptoms of a spigelian hernia, it is important to seek medical care for a diagnosis. Contact our team of hernia specialists at Core Surgical to schedule an exam and consultation at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan. We offer advanced spigelian hernia treatment and laparoscopic repair surgery for those diagnosed with this serious type of abdominal hernia.

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