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What is a hernia, and what are the treatment options? Hernias are tissue or organs that bulge through an opening in muscle or tissue, often an abnormal opening. At Core Surgical in NYC, we have hernia specialists that can provide accurate diagnosis and treatment for various types of hernias, including performing hernia repair surgery. If you have a painful or disruptive hernia condition that may require surgery, our hernia surgery specialists have extensive experience and expertise in this complex and intricate medical field.

Hernia Conditions We Treat

As hernia surgery specialists, we are able to identify and treat a variety of hernias. At Core Surgical, we will examine the patient’s condition and determine the best course of action. The pain may not be intense right away. In other cases, the patient may seek treatment at an urgent care and receive a misdiagnosis for the hernia. The main issue is that people may not be able to determine the exact cause before seeking treatment at our practice. There are two main treatment options that we can use to treat hernias: laparoscopic surgery or open repair. Below are some of the main types of hernias that we can treat:

To begin the treatment process, we will identify the type of hernia through a consultation and examination of the patient. Once we understand what we are dealing with, our doctors will then determine and administer the most effective treatment method. With so many types of hernias and varying levels of pain the patient can struggle with, it is crucial to seek professional treatment from our team.

Our hernia specialists at Core Surgical have the training and experience in treating hernias that are needed to determine the best course of action and prevent a misdiagnosis. With our knowledge, skills and tools, we can help patients receive the care they need. For more information on services or to schedule an appointment, contact our practice in Midtown Manhattan.

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