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A male athlete with pain in groin.

The adductor muscles and tendons connect the pelvic bone to the femur or thigh bone. This group of muscles is under high stress when performing certain athletic maneuvers required in sports like soccer, football, basketball and hockey. When a groin strain occurs, it can involve the adductor muscles, resulting in extensive groin pain and functional issues. Our groin specialists at Core Surgical offer adductor surgery to relieve groin pain and repair injuries at our medical center in NYC.

What Is a Groin Strain?

The adductor muscles and tendons are put under extreme stress during explosive running episodes. A groin strain can occur when the muscles or tendons stretch or tear due to the force during contraction. This is common with running acceleration, kicking, pivoting and skating. Groin strains can be mild to severe, depending on where the tears occur and how much damage is done to the muscle or tendon fibers.

Brevis, Longus, Magnus Muscle Repair

The main adductor muscles that are involved in groin strain injuries include the brevis, longus and magnus. These are located near the inner thigh and may be torn during intense athletic moves. If a severe groin strain occurs, it may require adductor surgery or repair of one or more of the adductor muscles. The prognosis is good for athletes undergoing adductor surgery to relieve groin pain caused by a strained brevis, longus or magnus muscle or tendon.

Adductor surgery can be used to repair adductor muscles or tendons or to release an adductor tendon that is causing severe groin pain. It can also be needed in conjunction with a hernia repair surgery. If you have a groin strain and need treatment, contact us at Core Surgical. We offer advanced groin pain treatment and adductor surgery at our medical center in Midtown Manhattan.

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