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A sportswoman with lower back pain caused by hernia.

The only permanent treatment for a hernia is surgical repair of the defect in the abdominal wall. In the past, the only option was open hernia surgery, requiring a larger incision to access the abdominal wall and complete the repair. Our experienced, board certified hernia specialists at Core Surgical offer advanced methods for hernia repair. We offer laparoscopic hernia repair at our medical center in Midtown Manhattan.

Minimally-Invasive Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

Hernias occur due to a weakness in the abdominal wall. Fatty tissue, intestines or organs can protrude in weak points in the abdominal wall, creating hernias. Hernias are named by location. For example, inguinal hernias are in the groin at the inguinal canal and ligament location. The standard hernia repair is using surgical mesh to cover the opening or weak point, which allows scar tissue to grow across the hernia defect to strengthen the abdominal wall.

The benefit of laparoscopic hernia repair over traditional open surgery is the smaller incisions used, making it a less invasive treatment option. Most laparoscopic hernia surgeries only use a few tiny incisions around 1 cm in length to access the hernia. A tiny camera and surgical tools are used inside of surgical tubes inserted through the small incisions. This reduces damage to skin and tissue in the area. This can lessen pain after the surgery and reduce recovery time. Open hernia surgery can take two or more weeks of recovery, while minimally-invasive laparoscopic hernia surgery recovery is about one week in many cases.

At Core Surgical, we have board certified hernia repair specialists that can perform open or laparoscopic hernia surgery. The type of surgery used depends on the location, type and severity of the hernia and the patient’s medical history. If you are interested in hernia repair and want to explore laparoscopic hernia surgery, contact us at our medical clinic in New York to schedule your exam and hernia consultation.

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