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An athletic woman with pain in the side of stomach caused by hernia.

Hernias occur when abdominal tissue or organs protrude through muscles of the abdominal wall. When the hernia traps tissue in the hernia bulge, it is referred to as an incarcerated hernia, which can lead to serious complications, including a strangulated hernia. Our hernia specialists at Core Surgical offer incarcerated hernia treatment to provide relief and prevent health risks at our medical center in Midtown Manhattan.

Causes and Symptoms of Incarcerated Hernias

Hernias protrude through weak points in the abdominal muscles, but they can be manipulated to push the tissue back through the opening. However, incarcerated hernias result when the muscle clamps down on the tissue, not allowing it to be reduced or pushed back into place. Part of the bowel can be trapped in the abdominal muscles, creating a blockage, but not all incarcerated hernias have symptoms right away. Some of the symptoms that can occur with incarcerated hernias include:

  • Enlargement of an existing hernia
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Tenderness and swelling at the site of hernia
  • Irreducible

While incarcerated hernias are not usually an emergency, they can become strangulated, which is a serious condition. A strangulated hernia can result in gangrene and even death in a matter of hours if left untreated. Incarcerated hernia treatment can release the trapped tissue to relieve blockages and discomfort in the abdomen. Physical reduction from the outside can be performed, or the hernia can be repaired through surgery. Laparoscopic surgery can be used to release incarcerated hernias and to strengthen the abdominal wall to prevent future herniation.

If you have symptoms of an incarcerated hernia and want to explore treatment options for relief, contact our team at Core Surgical. We can schedule an exam and consultation with a hernia specialist to discuss the best treatment options for your condition. Call our clinic in NYC to schedule your appointment.

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