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Open or general surgery requires a larger incision to view the area requiring surgical repair or treatment. Laparoscopic surgery utilizes digital imaging technology to view the internal tissues with a small camera that is inserted through a tiny incision. The surgical tools are also small and specialized to perform through small keyhole incisions. Our medical team at Core Surgical offers laparoscopic surgery for hernia, groin and abdominal treatment at our medical center in NYC.

Minimally-Invasive Hernia Repair Surgery

Also known as minimally-invasive surgery, laparoscopic surgery involves performing the surgery through small incisions in the body, usually no more than 1.5 cm in length. A tiny camera is used to view the tissues internally and send live video to a monitor while the surgeon performs the surgery using specialized tools. The reason this method is preferable to traditional surgery is the smaller surgical incision and scar, as well as the fact that many patients can return home the same day after the procedure. Some of the other benefits of laparoscopic surgery include:

  • Lower risk of bleeding complications
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Less damage to surrounding tissues
  • Less scarring
  • Quicker recovery time

It is crucial to seek a professional who specializes in laparoscopic surgery. This type of surgery requires specialized training and utilizes advanced medical technology to perform intricate procedures. Fortunately, our team specializes in laparoscopic treatment for a variety of health conditions. We will examine each patient and determine on a personalized basis if laparoscopic surgery is the best option before moving forward.

At Core Surgical, our surgeons have a combined half a century of clinical experience, including many years performing complex, intricate laparoscopic surgery. We utilize laparoscopic surgical techniques whenever appropriate for minimally-invasive hernia repair surgery and other abdomen and groin surgeries. To schedule a consultation to discuss treatment for a hernia, groin injury or other abdominal condition with laparoscopic surgery, contact our medical center in Manhattan to schedule your appointment with one of four laparoscopic surgery specialists.

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