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The various types of hernias can result in pain and other symptoms. Hernias can occur due to a congenital defect in the abdominal wall muscles, or other factors can contribute to the formation of a hernia. If a hernia causes pain, treatment is needed to provide relief, as a hernia will not heal on its own. At Core Surgical, our hernia specialists offer hernia-related pain treatment at our medical center in Midtown Manhattan.

Hernia Symptoms and Causes

Hernias occur when a weak area in the abdominal wall allows fatty tissue, lining or organs to protrude. This can occur in children or adults, and congenital hernias are fairly common. Lifestyle and other factors can increase risk for hernias. Pressure on the abdominal wall can cause a hernia, which could occur with childbirth, weight gain, heavy lifting, constipation, urination issues and other abdominal issues.

One of the main symptoms of a hernia is a protrusion or lump anywhere from the groin to the upper abdomen. Other symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, fever and pain, but some hernias do not have any symptoms. A hernia can result in serious infections and blockages that may require immediate surgery.

Hernia Pain Relief

If a hernia is causing pain, the best treatment is surgery. Hernias cause pain due to nerve compression or tearing tissue. The only way to stop the pain for good is to repair the hernia and abdominal wall. While not all hernia surgeries are urgent, they are the best option for hernia-related pain treatment, and it can prevent other complications.

If you are suffering from hernia-related pain, treatment is available at Core Surgical. We offer laparoscopic surgery to repair most hernias to relieve pain and other symptoms. To schedule an exam and consultation with one of our hernia specialists, contact our office in NYC to book your appointment.

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