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An athletic woman with pain in stomach caused by hernia.

One of the rarer hernias is the obturator hernia, which occurs near the obturator foramen in the lower pelvic area. This type of hernia is rare. Many doctors may never see this type of hernia in a patient during their career. At Core Surgical, we have experienced hernia specialists that can diagnose and offer obturator hernia treatment at our medical center in Midtown Manhattan.

Causes and Symptoms of Obturator Hernias

The obturator foramen are large openings on each side of the bottom of the pelvic bone that act as canals for nerves and blood vessels traveling from the spinal cord into the pelvic area and each leg. Due to the anatomical differences, obturator hernias are most common in females. A weakness in the abdominal muscles can allow tissue or the lower bowel to bulge through the wall. Older women or women who have lost a significant amount of weight are at higher risk for an obturator hernia.

The danger with obturator hernias is the high rate of bowel obstructions that occur. These hernias are rare, but a higher percentage can cause serious health risks. Obturator hernias only account for an estimated 1% of abdominal hernias, but they have the highest mortality rate. Symptoms tend to be vague but may include pain near the top of the thigh, vomiting or bowel obstruction (constipation, nausea and bloating). The hernia may compress nerves to the leg, causing radiating pain, numbness or weakness in the associated thigh or leg.

Since obturator hernias present a high risk of serious health issues or death, a quick diagnosis and treatment are crucial. If you suspect you have an obturator hernia, contact our hernia specialists at Core Surgical to schedule an appointment for an exam and consultation. We offer obturator hernia treatment and repair surgery at our clinic in NYC.

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