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4 Common Causes of Groin Pain New York, NY
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Groin pain is commonly known to affect sports athletes from strenuous activity. However, this pain can affect anyone of any age. Knowing the exact cause of your pain is crucial for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Here are the 4 most common causes of groin pain.

Muscle and Tendon Strains

Your groin consists of five main muscles connected to bones with ligaments and tendons. If you move your hips suddenly and awkwardly, your muscles can stretch and tear. If this happens, you may experience a sharp pain in your groin and weakness in your leg.

Hip Joint Arthritis

As you get older, the layer of cartilage that cushion your joints begins to wear away. Arthritis creates stiffness and inflammation in your hips. This can lead to chronic groin pain that worsens with activity. You may also experience a popping noise or sensation.

Stress Fractures

Stress fractures are tiny cracks in bones caused by repeated stress or injury. If you have persistent hip or groin pain, you could have a stress fracture. The pain can worsen when you try to rotate or flex your hip.

Lower Back Injuries

Certain spinal injuries and conditions can pinch nerves that can lead to hip and groin pain. Repetitive bending and twisting or heavy lifting can put strain on your lower back and hips. You may experience muscle spasms or dull aches. If nerves become pinched, you may experience a burning or tingling sensation.

Need Relief from Groin Pain?

Finding the exact cause for your pain can be frustrating with so many potential causes. There are many things you can do to eliminate or reduce your symptoms. If you need relief from groin pain, Core Surgical can help. Our specialists can pinpoint the cause of your pain and recommend the best treatment options for you. Schedule an appointment today.

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