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5 Common Causes of Sports Hernias New York, NY
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Sports hernia, or athletic pubalgia, is a common injury among athletes, particularly those participating in high-impact sports like football, hockey and soccer. While the name might suggest that this type of injury is specific to the groin area, a sports hernia can occur anywhere in the body’s core region. Core Surgical in New York City specializes in soft tissue injuries like sports hernias. Here are five of the most common causes of sports hernias.

Repetitive Strain

One of the most common causes of sports hernias is a repetitive strain on the muscles and tendons in the core region. Athletes who regularly engage in activities that require twisting, turning and sudden movements are at a higher risk of developing this type of injury.

Improper Training

Another common cause of sports hernias is improper training techniques. When athletes do not properly warm up, stretch and cool down before and after workouts, they are more likely to experience strains and tears in the core muscles.

Weakness and Imbalance

Weakness and muscle imbalances can also contribute to the development of sports hernias. When specific muscles are weaker than others, they are more prone to injury. This is particularly true in the core region, where the muscles work together to support the body during physical activity.


Overuse is another common cause of sports hernias. Athletes who engage in high-intensity training or competition without giving their bodies enough time to rest and recover are likelier to develop this type of injury.


After a time, age can also play a role in developing sports hernias. As athletes age, their muscles and tendons become less flexible and more prone to injury. This is why athletes of all ages must train and take steps to prevent damage properly.

NYC Diagnosis and Treatment for Athletic Pubalgia

Sports hernias are commonly misdiagnosed, and few specialists have the expertise and skills to diagnose and treat athletic pubalgia. The Core Surgical team offers advanced athletic pubalgia diagnosis and treatment. Approximately half of sports hernia patients can recover without surgery. Core Surgical specialists can provide various forms of surgery for those who need it. The surgery type depends on the location and nature of the injury. Our sports hernia surgery options include:

  • Adductor Lengthening Surgery
  • Direct Hernia Surgery
  • Gilmore’s Groin Surgery
  • Groin Disruption Surgery
  • Inguinal Floor Surgery
  • Inguinal Ligament Surgery
  • Rectus Aponeurotic Plate Surgery
  • Rectus Tendon Surgery
  • Sportsman’s Groin Surgery

Sports hernias are a common injury that a variety of factors can cause. By understanding these common causes, athletes can take steps to prevent injury and stay healthy and strong throughout their athletic careers.

If you suffer pain in the groin, lower abdomen or inner thigh (adductor region), contact the team at Core Surgical in NYC for an exam and consultation. We can get you back in the game quickly.

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