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5 Red Flag Symptoms that May Accompany Pelvic Pain New York, NY
An athletic woman with pain in stomach caused by hernia.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms of pelvic pain, do not hesitate to reach out to your physician for testing to rule out serious diseases. There are a variety of maladies that can be associated with groin area pain. Specifically, these can vary due to male or female organs. You do not need to suffer from groin pain; see your pain specialists today for help.

Painful Urination

Painful urination can be caused by a host of ailments, but if it is chronic, you need to schedule a visit to your physician. Women and men can have different reasons for painful urinating, depending on organs and the different infections that they can contract.

Groin, Hip or Abdominal Pain

If you are experiencing pain in and around your groin, hip or abdomen area that is lingering, it is best to get it checked out.

A muscle, tendon or ligament strain is the most common cause of groin pain, particularly among athletes. An injury to the groin may cause pain immediately, or the pain may occur gradually over weeks or even months. Groin pain that is accompanied by back, abdomen or chest pain calls for a doctor’s visit as soon as possible. Do not participate in athletic activities for some time. A groin strain or sprain must be treated by rest.

If you experience pain and swelling in or around the testicles accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fever, chills or blood in the urine, and groin pain that doesn’t improve with home treatment within a few days, contact your doctor.


Chronic constipation can have many etiology causes, but if you are dealing with a new pattern, it is best to consult your primary doctor. Chronic constipation can cause additional groin pain by causing a hernia or tearing muscles with a difficult bowel movement.


Having a feeling of pressure in the abdomen, or having an abdomen that is visibly distended, is called bloating. Symptoms like this are sometimes present simultaneously.

If the pain or bloating becomes regular, you should contact your doctor. It can mean that there is an underlying medical issue that needs to be addressed.

Bloody Bowel Movements

This is always a telltale sign to visit your doctor. If you wait, you could become anemic, which will add to your problems. Several different diseases may be happening if you are noticing bloody stools, including stomach ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

Contact Core Surgical today if you are experiencing any troublesome symptoms for a full treatment plan. You can trust the skilled Groin Pain Specialists at Core Surgical in New York City to address all your health and pain needs.

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