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Could You Suffer from an Occult Hernia? New York, NY
An athletic woman with pain in stomach caused by hernia.

Any time you experience ongoing pain in your groin or pelvic area, it is cause for concern. More intense than the occasional stomach ache, this pain is recurring and sometimes sharp, especially when standing or using the abdominal muscles. Pain in this area of the body can be caused by numerous issues or problems, so it is always best to see your physician. But what happens when they cannot find a cause for your pain?

The Hidden Hernia – Occult Hernia

An occult hernia, or hidden hernia, can often be the cause of unexplained groin or pelvic pain. This type of inguinal hernia gets its name because it is virtually impossible to locate through a physical exam, or even with an ultrasound, which is the normal way hernias are diagnosed. Small enough to defy an easy diagnosis, an occult inguinal hernia is large enough to cause you nagging discomfort.

A normal inguinal hernia is when a portion of the intestine protrudes through a weakened area of the abdominal wall. This is usually caused by straining or excessive weight that places too much pressure on the inside of the abdominal wall. A loop or portion of intestine is actually forced between cords of abdominal muscle.

The hidden hernia, or occult hernia, can become a serious issue, especially if the intestine becomes blocked or damaged.

Core Surgical – Manhattan Hernia Specialists

The board-certified hernia specialists at Core Surgical in Manhattan know that hidden hernias require more extensive examinations to locate than the average hernia. We use ultrasound, CT scanning and MRI technology to aid our search for these elusive conditions. Often, the only definitive method of locating an occult inguinal hernia is through laparoscopic surgery.

One of our talented surgeons uses tiny tools and a laparoscopic camera, which are inserted through a few small incisions, to locate and then correct occult hernias. This is after first narrowing down its nearest likely location with advanced imaging tools. Recovery is much easier and faster than from a traditional abdominal surgery.

When unexplained and persistent groin or pelvic pain troubles you, and especially when it defies an easy diagnosis, schedule an appointment with the hernia experts at Core Surgical. We have experience with handling occult inguinal hernias at our medical clinic in Midtown Manhattan, NY.

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