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Four Athletic Pursuits that are Hindered by Groin Pain New York, NY
Rugby players during the game.

If you are a keen athlete, any pain or injury can result in reduced performance. You may choose to work through minor injuries. However, certain conditions are debilitating and may put you out of action. One such area of concern is the groin.

The groin covers a large area between the upper thighs and lower abdomen. You may mistake pains and injuries in the hips for groin pain. In both cases, you are likely to experience reduced ability to perform in certain sports. It is important to seek treatment to determine the cause of this pain and receive effective treatment.

Any sport that involves running will use the muscles around the groin. If you have suffered an injury, you will slow down and may not be able to complete in races. Groin injuries can impact your performance, so seeking medical advice and treatment is recommended.

You may experience groin pain during everyday activities or only when you are engaged in sports. Regardless, seeking diagnosis and relief may benefit your career. There is no glory in powering through the pain if it results in a career cut short too soon.

Basketball Players
If you look at the movement of basketball players, the groin is heavily involved in effective techniques. Any pain or restraints in this area will affect performance. You can’t run as fast or jump as high, which will significantly reduce your ability to contribute to the team.

Basketball players can find relief from groin pain at Core Surgical. We will diagnose and treat injuries and conditions that are slowing you down. Do not ignore the signs of potentially serious problems, including nerve compression syndrome or a hernia.

Wrestling & MMA
Wrestling and mixed martial arts are high octane sports. You may get into positions that require grappling to get out of a position or secure a win. If groin pain is impacting your ability to come out on top, seek help from the specialists at Core Surgical.
We have treatments that will relieve your groin pain and help you improve performance. Call today to learn more.

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