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Laparoscopic versus Open Inguinal Repair: Revisited New York, NY
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A recent article regarding open versus laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair was written by Westin M.D. et al. It is entitled “Less pain one year after total extra-peritoneal repair compared with Lichtenstein using local anesthesia–data from a randomized controlled clinical trial.” In the trial, 384 patients were randomized and operated upon using either laparoscopic or open repair, both with mesh. The patients were examined postoperatively and answered a questionnaire regarding any residual symptoms. The study had excellent follow up as 98% of patients were seen one year out.

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Conclusions were that the laparoscopic group experienced less long post-operative pain, and less limitation in their ability to exercise. This, along with many other recent studies, continue to validate the data that GLSNY has accumulated over the years. In over 4000 laparoscopic inguinal hernia repairs, results continue to be excellent.

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