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Poor Performance Techniques and Groin Pain in Athletes New York, NY
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If you perform in a sport, injuries are expected at some point. With that said, repeat issues with the same limb or area are cause for concern. You may have suffered damage to a nerve, ligament, tendon, muscle or joint. Seeking diagnosis early can help you find the right treatment and recover faster.

Groin pain is common in athletes that run, jump or make rapid twists and turns. Accidents can happen, so a treatable one-off injury is not a major issue. However, if you find that you are repeatedly suffering from groin strain or pain, it could be linked to aspects of your performance.

Running Style

Runners adopt different styles depending on their particular disciplines. If you have a lack of stability in the core, pelvis and hip muscles, you may develop groin pain. How your legs and feet move through your gait while running can also contribute to injuries.

Core Surgical can use advanced methods to identify areas of concern and recommend adjustments. It may also help to discuss issues with your technique with your coach or trainer. Our goal is to offer conservative treatment options such as hormone therapy and medications. We will also consider minimally invasive surgery if necessary.

Twists, Direction Changes & Jumping

Sudden changes of direction, such as twisting and jumping, can put additional strain on the groin. If the actions are extreme or aggressive in nature, overstretching may cause injury to soft tissues. Athletes are used to pushing the limits of performance but it is important consider your long-term health.

Warming up and stretching properly before competition is recommended if you frequently suffer groin or pelvis pain. If the issue persists, contact Core Surgical for diagnosis and treatment. We can assess your injuries and get to the root cause of the problem. All treatments depend on the nature and severity of your groin injury.

Most groin injuries are treatable with conservative measures. If you do need surgery, we will support you through your rehabilitation. For treatment from specialists who are trusted by athletes in NYC, call Core Surgical for an appointment today.

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