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The Mental Impact that Groin Pain has on Athletic Performance New York, NY
An athletic woman with pain in stomach caused by hernia.

Groin pain can result from an underlying health condition or injuries. Symptoms such as pain, inflammation and limited range of motion are physical in nature, but there are also psychological considerations. Namely, how groin pain affects the mentality of an athlete can reflect on performance.

Performance Reluctance

Knowing that groin pain is aggravated by increased movement may limit an athlete’s ability to perform. Knowing that every movement could lead to a flare-up is enough to create performance reluctance. Continuing to engage in athletic activities will only result in worsening physical symptoms, so pursuing treatment is recommended.

Over Compensation

If groin pain is localized to a specific area, athletes may over compensate by loading heavily on a particular limb. This unconscious habit may lead to further injuries or exacerbate the underlying cause of groin pain. To avoid these potentially career-ending health problems, athletes can seek consultation with Core Surgical in New York or New Jersey.

Injury Denial

Athletes are notorious for fighting through pain and injuries. This mentality is often considered a necessary sacrifice when pulling out of competition has career consequences. However, denying the existence or seriousness of an injury or health issue can jeopardize your future as an athlete. Time out for treatment is preferable to never competing again.

Restricted Range of Movement

Restricted range of movement is not always directly related to the physical symptoms of groin pain. As an athlete, you may unconsciously limit physical movements due to the psychological fear of further injury. This can greatly impact your performance and may allow underlying issues to progress undetected. An assessment of the issue and subsequent diagnosis will open the door to effective treatment and a return to your full potential.

If you would like to learn more about the causes and effective treatment options for groin pain, call the offices of Core Surgical today for a consultation.

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