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Treatment Options for Nerve Compression Syndrome New York, NY
Pesson suffering from spinal pine.

Repetitive motions and injuries can lead to painful pinched nerves in various areas of your body. This nerve compression syndrome can be temporary or permanent and requires an accurate diagnosis to help discover the best course of treatment. Here are three of the best treatment options available for nerve compression syndrome.

Lifestyle Changes

Making certain changes in your lifestyle can help you relieve the painful discomfort of nerve compression syndrome. Look for aspects of your life where repetitive movements occur on a frequent basis. You may need to change your job duties or enlist help with certain tasks at home that aggravate your pain.

If your nerve pain is related to spending a long time in front of the computer, you may want to invest in an ergonomic chair and keyboard. Adding physical therapy exercises to your daily routine can help you lose extra weight that can intensify symptoms. These exercises can also improve your range of motion and flexibility to get relief.


There are several kinds of medications that can effectively treat nerve compression syndrome. Anti-inflammatory meds and muscle relaxants may be prescribed to effectively relieve your pain. Severe symptoms may be treated with steroid injections. You may need a combination of medications and it can take some time to figure out what works best.


Surgery can be effective for treating nerve compression syndrome when other methods are unable to provide relief from your pain. The type of surgery you need may depend on the severity of your symptoms, what nerves are affected and your overall health condition. During surgery, the doctor will release structures around the nerves to improve blood flow necessary for healing. It can take weeks to months after surgery to recover fully and regain strength and feeling in the affected muscles and nerves.

Effective Relief for Nerve Compression Syndrome

If you are suffering from nerve compression syndrome, you may want to explore the various treatment options to discover what will work best for you. The expert team at Core Surgical can help you achieve lasting relief with a customized solution for your needs. Call to request a consultation to discover if you are an ideal candidate today.

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