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When Would I Need Abdominal Wall Reconstruction? New York, NY
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Abdominal wall reconstruction can be a complex and daunting procedure, but with the right surgeon, it is a safe and effective solution for many patients dealing with a range of medical conditions. The abdominal wall is a crucial part of the body, providing support to the internal organs and helping to maintain proper posture. When the abdominal wall is compromised, it can lead to a range of issues that may require surgery.

Core Surgical has New York Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Specialists with the skills and experience to perform this complex surgery. When would you need abdominal wall reconstruction? There are several situations where this procedure may be recommended.


A hernia occurs when an internal organ pushes through a weakened area of the abdominal wall. This can lead to discomfort, pain and even life-threatening complications if left untreated. Abdominal wall reconstruction is often used to repair hernias and restore the strength and integrity of the abdominal wall.


Injuries to the abdominal wall can occur as a result of accidents, falls or other types of traumas. These injuries can cause structural damage to the abdominal wall, leading to complications such as hernias or chronic pain. Abdominal wall reconstruction can help repair the damage and provide relief from symptoms.


Certain types of cancer, such as abdominal wall tumors or metastatic cancer, may require abdominal wall reconstruction as part of the treatment plan. This procedure can help remove cancerous tissue and rebuild the abdominal wall to restore proper function and support.

Congenital defects

Some individuals are born with congenital defects that affect the abdominal wall, such as omphalocele or gastroschisis. Abdominal wall reconstruction can help correct these defects and restore normal function to the affected area.

See a NYC Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Surgery Specialist

Abdominal wall reconstruction is a complex procedure that requires specialized training and experience. You can trust the qualified and experienced surgeons at Core Surgical in NYC to perform the procedure safely and effectively. Your surgeon will work with you to determine if abdominal wall reconstruction is the right option for your specific medical condition, considering your overall health, medical history and other factors.

If you are considering abdominal wall reconstruction, it is important to understand the potential risks and benefits of the procedure. While it is generally considered safe and effective, there are always risks associated with any surgical procedure. Your surgeon will discuss these risks with you in detail and help you make an informed decision about your care.

Abdominal wall reconstruction can be a life-changing procedure for individuals dealing with a range of medical conditions. Whether you are dealing with a hernia, trauma, cancer or a congenital defect, this procedure can help restore function and improve your quality of life. If you think you may benefit from abdominal wall reconstruction, schedule an exam and consultation at Core Surgical in NYC to learn more about your options. Our highly qualified surgeons can help you get the care you need.

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