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Four Athletic Pursuits that are Hindered by Groin Pain New York, NY

Four Athletic Pursuits that are Hindered by Groin Pain

Rugby players during the game.

If you are a keen athlete, any pain or injury can result in reduced performance. You may choose to work through minor injuries. However, certain conditions are debilitating and may put you out of action. One such area of concern is the groin. The groin covers a large area between the upper thighs and lower… Read More

Why Are You Experiencing Pelvic Pain?

woman hugging her aching stomach

A person is said to have pelvic pain if they are suffering discomfort in the region below their belly button and above their thighs. Several diseases and disorders can result in pelvic pain, while chronic pelvic pain could be due to multiple health problems. Discomfort in the pelvic area may indicate problems in the gastrointestinal,… Read More

Did Groin Pain End Your Pickleball Fun?

A male runner stopped by a sudden pain in a groin area.

If you are a “pickler,” you are one of the nearly 5 million pickleball players in the United States. Pickleball, which is often described as a combination of tennis, badminton and Ping-Pong, has been named the fastest-growing sport in America. It represents a fun, low-key activity that likely began its debut as a pandemic pastime.… Read More

Preventing Complications Following Hernia Surgery

Cheerful young man at doctor's appointment.

There is no other way to complete hernia repair than through surgery. With the latest cutting-edge advancements, hernia surgery and recovery are quicker than ever before. However, to get yourself feeling your best, and prevent further hernias from forming, there are steps you can take to prevent complications following hernia surgery. Follow Your Surgical Team’s… Read More

Why is an Occult (Hidden) Hernia Difficult to Diagnose?

Medical Appointment

Inguinal hernias are protrusions of the intestine, fat or another organ (commonly the stomach, ovaries or bladder) through weakened abdominal wall tissue. Straining or being overweight can increase intra-abdominal pressure and the risk of a hernia. Inguinal hernias are common in men and are easy to diagnose with a simple exam. On the other hand,… Read More

Poor Performance Techniques and Groin Pain in Athletes

soccer player

If you perform in a sport, injuries are expected at some point. With that said, repeat issues with the same limb or area are cause for concern. You may have suffered damage to a nerve, ligament, tendon, muscle or joint. Seeking diagnosis early can help you find the right treatment and recover faster. Groin pain… Read More

Tips for a Swift Recovery from Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

Cheerful young man at doctor's appointment.

Knowing what to expect before surgery helps you prepare your house and prepare for downtime. The incisions for laparoscopic hernia surgery are small, so you will have minimal discomfort. The insufflation gas utilized during this treatment will cause the majority of the post-surgical pain, as the abdominal wall muscles will be dilated. However, this discomfort… Read More

How To Know if Your Groin Pain is Serious

A male runner stopped by a sudden pain in a groin area.

Discomfort in the lower abdominal region, the area where the thigh and pelvis meet, is known as “groin pain”. People’s perceptions of groin pain differ significantly. The pain can be dull, severe, throbbing or burning and it could come on gradually or rapidly. The symptoms and root of groin pain help determine the best course… Read More

The Link Between Nerve Compression Syndrome and Obesity

A doctor consulting a woman with a lower back pain caused by nerve compression syndrome.

All body parts, including the spine, are subjected to increased pressure as your weight increases. Each additional pound you gain imposes four additional pounds of force on your joints and spine. That means your risk of nerve compression syndrome significantly rises if you are obese. What is Nerve Compression Syndrome? When a nerve is crushed… Read More

Take These Precautions to Prevent Getting a Sports Hernia

An athletic woman with pain in stomach caused by hernia.

Are you experiencing pain in your pelvic region – anywhere in the groin, lower abdomen or inner thigh (the adductor region)? If so, it could be an athletic pubalgia, a strain or sprain commonly referred to as a sports hernia, even though it is not a hernia. Athletic pubalgia is damage to the muscles, ligaments… Read More

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