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Tips for a Swift Recovery from Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery New York, NY

Tips for a Swift Recovery from Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

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Knowing what to expect before surgery helps you prepare your house and prepare for downtime. The incisions for laparoscopic hernia surgery are small, so you will have minimal discomfort. The insufflation gas utilized during this treatment will cause the majority of the post-surgical pain, as the abdominal wall muscles will be dilated. However, this discomfort… Read More

How To Know if Your Groin Pain is Serious

A male runner stopped by a sudden pain in a groin area.

Discomfort in the lower abdominal region, the area where the thigh and pelvis meet, is known as “groin pain”. People’s perceptions of groin pain differ significantly. The pain can be dull, severe, throbbing or burning and it could come on gradually or rapidly. The symptoms and root of groin pain help determine the best course… Read More

The Link Between Nerve Compression Syndrome and Obesity

A doctor consulting a woman with a lower back pain caused by nerve compression syndrome.

All body parts, including the spine, are subjected to increased pressure as your weight increases. Each additional pound you gain imposes four additional pounds of force on your joints and spine. That means your risk of nerve compression syndrome significantly rises if you are obese. What is Nerve Compression Syndrome? When a nerve is crushed… Read More

Take These Precautions to Prevent Getting a Sports Hernia

An athletic woman with pain in stomach caused by hernia.

Are you experiencing pain in your pelvic region – anywhere in the groin, lower abdomen or inner thigh (the adductor region)? If so, it could be an athletic pubalgia, a strain or sprain commonly referred to as a sports hernia, even though it is not a hernia. Athletic pubalgia is damage to the muscles, ligaments… Read More

Symptoms, Causes & Treatments for Ventral Hernias

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Ventral hernias occur when the muscles of the abdominal wall are weakened and internal organs, such as bowel loops and fatty content, push through, creating a bulge. Ventral hernias can be extremely painful, but some people feel no symptoms at all. There are three types of ventral hernias: an epigastric hernia in the stomach area,… Read More

These Are the Most Common Types of Hernias

A doctor examining woman's abdomen for hernia.

A hernia is a point where an organ, such as the intestines, protrude through the connective tissue that holds them in place. People can be born with congenital hernias or develop them later in life. Often hernias are painful and in some cases, they can cause serious problems. Most hernias won’t go away on their… Read More

Why You Should Consider Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

Athletic woman with abdominal pain.

Hernias can occur at any weak point along the abdominal wall between the chest and hips. In a weak muscle, an internal organ can slip through, creating a protrusion that can be painful. Even if your hernia is not causing you discomfort, it is important to have it treated quickly. It can become larger, affecting… Read More

What Are My Hernia Treatment Options?

A woman sitting on the bed suffering from abdominal pain.

For at least the past 3500 years, athletes have been discovering strange, tender lumps on their bellies and groin and asking their physician for a solution. Left untreated, they may cause nausea, pressure or pain when coughing, as well as weakness and numbness. Every so often, the situation may even become critical, if the hernia… Read More

When Can Hernias Be Life Threatening?

A young woman holding her both hands on abdomen.

Millions of people are living with a hernia right now. While not an ideal situation, most hernias are uncomfortable or painful, but not an immediate risk to your health. However, there are hernias that can pose a serious risk to your health and even be life threatening, usually a strangulated hernia. Also, a hernia that… Read More

What is Laparoscopy? Can it Benefit Me?    

Surgical Team

Laparoscopy is becoming a common term for many people, even those outside the medical field. We hear about having a “scope” as an option for certain medical procedures. Breaking down what laparoscopy is and how it’s used can help you understand and prepare should you need one. What Is Laparoscopy? Laparoscopic surgery is also called… Read More

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